Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In recent months, I have been speaking to people who are helping residents of Massachusetts learn to be more proficient in English. These are people who are connected with the local government and businesses in an effort to increase study opportunities for English language learners.

One of the things that they have told me is that people have less and less time to do classes. Yet, the need for them is greater and greater. Thus, classes that are intensive are the best, rather than classes that continue on and on for months and semesters.

Another point that I gathered in my research was the fact that people's hurried lives make them more dependent on technology, particularly communication technology. The rise of Facebook and other social media demonstrate that even in the midst of the constant rush, people can use technology to improve their lives.

What we have tried to do with aucenglish is to combine the intensivity of a short burst of study with the power and appeal of technology in language education that makes it all come together for our students.

Welcome to aucenglish!