Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Billy Kilmer was my favorite football player when I was growing up. He played for my favorite team, The Washington Redskins. Old number 17!

I need 17 English language learners for this coming semester. That gives me 60 days, more or less. Using sloppy math, I need one student every 3.5 days! That would be 2 students per week! Only God can do that!

For the last 8 years, my colleagues and I have been teaching English to students from many countries and of all ages. We love our newcomer friends and international students. We also love our college, Atlantic Union College. Maybe that is God's place for you!

The English Language Institute is a place where you can be part of our family and learn lots of English. Many have done it before you... Why not you?

So, I am hitting the road to find you! You can email me at edward.rivera@auc.edu

American Idiom
(to hit the road = to depart, to travel, not striking)

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