Friday, June 27, 2008

Camp Meeting 2008

Every summer, the Southern New England Conference holds Camp Meeting. It is always fun to hear great music, messages from the Word of God, as well as meet old and new friends. Last Sabbath we were blessed by tremendous messages from Pastor Alanzo Smith and music from the renowned Michael Card. (I chatted with him afterwards and got his autograph!)

On Sabbath it is always filled, and after the 11:00 Worship Service the people congregate in church, family, or friendship groups to have an outdoor potluck lunch and socialize. Lots of people bring a tent or camper and stay for the whole week. Many of us bring our guitars and banjos, too!

Since the Southern New England Conference covers an area that is very multilingual, they have meetings in English, Spanish, French/Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Korean, and now even Chinese. If you study at ELI, you will begin meeting a lot of these people, and they will help you adjust to your new life at college.

Today is Friday, so the excitement is building up for the last weekend of Camp Meeting. The speaker for today and tomorrow is Elder Bill Knott, the editor of Adventist Review. His father, Professor Emeritus David Knott, is an institution around Atlantic Union College. Elder Knott is also an AUC graduate.

Here is a schedule of English Campmeeting, June 20-28, 2008. I hope you can join in the fun and spiritual growth soon!

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