Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greater New York Conference Camp Meeting

I traveled to the Greater New York Conference Camp Meeting yesterday to recruit students and do PR for the college. It was a gorgeous drive and I made it in record time - just about 2.5 hours from my house.

I took the backroads all the way through the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and Western Connecticut. The scenery was classic New England with farms, barns, stone walls, old colonial homes, rivers, lakes and streams. I love nature, and the Lord granted me a rich blessing driving to Camp Berkshire.

This is a photo of Bull's Bridge, Kent, Connecticut. I am sure there is an interesting story behind the name! It connects Connecticut with New York.

Yours truly* at the Youth Tent.

As usual, we were treated with great respect. Mr. David Cadavero, Education Director for the Greater New England Conference and Atlantic Union College Board Member was his usual great self. He always helps us at AUC. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died at lunch snapping his photo!

Yours truly - Normally the ending form of a letter written to a close friend. In this case, it refers to myself without taking so much credit. Example: "This painting was done by yours truly." instead of "I did this painting."

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